P.I. entering period of expansion

by Roland R. Renne

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Statementby Roland R. Renne.
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Show that if n is a product of m distinct primes, then the period of the decimal expansion of 1/n is the lowest common multiple of the periods of 1/p over all primes p|n. I understand that the above fact is true, but I really don't understand how to go about proving it, and I have been stuck for days now.

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Follow these steps to access it: 1 Click on Start > All Programs > AcerSystem. 2 Click on AcerSystem User Guide. Puzzle Period Length of 1/p. The decimal expansion of the reciprocal of any prime p (except p=2 and p=5) is an endless sequence of numbers that shows a defined "period". By example: 1/ For the purpose of saving space, this situation is.

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